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Bamboo Wooden Flooring

1830MM X 135MM X 12MM

We are very particular about having a Vastu compliant or a feng shui compliant house

and bamboo is considered to be a good luck charm and a very positive element for the house. Therefore the likelihood of using bamboo as a flooring option is very high in homes where the dwellers are very particular about having positive elements.

Bamboo has been accepted as an option for flooring because of its natural links to certain hardwoods. We increase its strength, stability, eco-friendliness and inherent stability to insects and dampness.


Bamboo flooring is accessible in a mixture of styles, shades and surfaces, and because it is a dimensionally durable flooring supply, it can be floated over an underlay, worked with underfloor heat, and placed in areas where condensation and heat change significantly.

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